The Upswing

Today is a bit of a cheat, because I didn’t so much worry as obsess over cool things.  Which amounts to the same damn inability to think in a straight line, but with a much better mood. It’s like the difference between fretting over going to the dentist and anticipating attending a concert by your favorite band.  The mood is different, but the frenetic energy leaves room for little else, and is replaced with exhaustion later.

(I may have a larger-than-normal problem with dentists.)

At any rate, it is very cool that the BBC Sherlock adaption started production on season three with a read-through today.  It is probably not cool enough, however, to rate the fact that I went squealing to other offices on my hall, skipped back into my own, posted to facebook, then did a lightning-search of every social media website ever to find all I could about the filming schedule. Ten minutes of my life I’ll never have back.

It probably also didn’t warrant the fact that I spent hours trying to get my brain to stop following little pathways that stemmed from this one: comparing where the series is to what happened in the original Doyle canon to guess at plots. Then realizing that the theme of my favorite annual geek convention is British Invasion this year, and cheering because I’ll likely have whole panels to attend! Then speculating that I could cosplay something deliciously related, perhaps in Victorian drag, despite the fact that I don’t go in costume as a rule. Then I was stuck trying to pull my brain back from all of the potential Anglophile costuming goodness that could result despite having no desire or intention to execute any of them.

All of this, and I’m still giddy! Super excited! Really tired! And working at half power in the old lighthouse!  Somebody flip the switch, I’m going to bed.


About cjmantel

There's a massive lump of grey crap sitting between my ears. Sometimes it makes awesome things, and sometimes it just makes me crazy.
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