Sinus Rhythm

Thursday I woke up with a beast of a sinus infection, and spent the day away from my own day.  This weekend seems to have made up for any relaxation effect that not worrying about everything under the sun for a day provided.

In addition to the DRAMA! that this weekend provided – anxiety provoking, to be sure, but in a perfectly rational, things are actually wrong but soon to be right sort of way – there was the driving all over creation. I drive like a little old lady, to be sure, but no one else seems to. On a daily basis, no big deal: I take a train/bus combo to get to work. I also live in the relative center of a sprawling metro area, so visiting friends in the suburbs at the weekend requires time on the highways. Not ideal, but there isn’t as much traffic, so that’s nice.  I managed not to have too many mental collisions, even though part of the DRAMA! involved loved ones in actual collision.  Score one for distraction?

Today has been devoted to self-care, and ended up in a one-woman slumber party complete with hair dying and dancing around the house singing along to Pandora radio. Not a bad way to let it all out.


About cjmantel

There's a massive lump of grey crap sitting between my ears. Sometimes it makes awesome things, and sometimes it just makes me crazy.
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