Medication Mambo

So, there’s been a bit of not good on the post-concussion treatment plan front, leading to a lot of medication changes, additions, and reactions.  One honest-to-god hypomanic episode (I never care to repeat it, thanks, even if it did produce a really interesting essay about part of my time in drama school – I might post it, for the posterity effect, once I can bring myself to go back and read it), an upswing in post-concussion headaches (very specific, and the current one has been hanging around for four days), a neurologist who sees no difference between my classic migraines and post-concussion headaches despite the different symptoms, and all I got was this lousy collection of prescriptions that do nothing.  Well, we did sort the hypomania.  Thank god.

Anyroad, that’s the why on the radio silence. I’ve actually been talking about this stuff in life a lot, in order to get it treated, which is good for the better-out-than-in function, but not much on the analytical end of things.  Of course, my brain hurts too bad to analyze at the moment, so I’ll stick to the perfunctory report that I’m not dead, just over-doctored.


About cjmantel

There's a massive lump of grey crap sitting between my ears. Sometimes it makes awesome things, and sometimes it just makes me crazy.
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